Keto Friendly Red’s Turkey Sausage Eggwich from Costco!

The Red’s Turkey Sausage Eggwich at Costco is a filling, savory, low calorie, gluten free and keto friendly breakfast solution that I really enjoy.  Red’s Turkey Sausage Eggwiches are frozen, which makes them easy to have on hand, and heat up quickly in my microwave.

Cases of Reds Eggwiches at Costco

Taste Test

Red’s Turkey Sausage Eggwiches has a flavor that is deeply savory and slightly salty.  If you like your breakfast to be sweet then you should skip these eggwiches because there is simply not a sweet note about them.

The Eggwich has two “buns” made from Cage Free eggs with a slice of American cheese and a savory patty of turkey sausage in the middle.

There are no surprising flavor notes in the Eggwich and some folks will probably consider it boring.  Eggs, cheese and turkey sausage…this is exactly what you get and exactly what it tastes like.

I am not really a bread fan and appreciate the egg “bun”.

Again, this Eggwich will not be everyone’s cup of tea but, if your tastes are anything like mine, a lot of folks will absolutely love it.

Ready to Eat Reds Turkey Eggwich

How Do You Eat an Eggwich?

This is a silly, but real, question!

The first time I tried the eggwich I couldn’t figure out whether to pick it up with my hands and eat it like a regular sandwich or to cut it up with a knife and fork.  When my wife gave these a try I noticed her hesitate and also try to figure out how to best approach getting the food into her mouth.

Grabbing onto a couple of egg patties just seemed weird 🙂

I removed any doubt on my eating approach when I made the eggwich even better with a couple squirts of Cholula hot sauce! Once the hot sauce was on top of the egg patty the only logical approach was to use a knife and fork.

But don’t worry…if you feel like picking it up with your hands and digging in then I won’t judge you!

Heating Instructions

The heating instructions for the Eggwich are pretty simple.

  • Remove the Eggwich from the plastic wrapper.
  • Wrap the Eggwich in a damp paper towel.
  • Heat the Eggwich in the microwave on High for 50 seconds.
  • Flip teh Eggwich over and heat on High for another 50 seconds.
  • Let the Eggwich sit for one minute and eat.

In my microwave the 50 seconds was not quite long enough as part of the egg bun was still cool.  I increased the microwave time to 55 seconds per side and the Eggwiches come out perfect.

Turkey Eggwich Heating Instructions

Calories and Nutrition

For a processed, frozen food item I consider Red’s Eggwiches to be extremely healthy.  One Eggwich is a single serving and has the following calories and nutritional information:

  • Calories: 190
  • Fat: 12g (15% DV)
  • Cholesterol: 265mg (88% DV)
  • Sodium: 590mg (26% DV)
  • Carbohydrates: 3g (1% DV)
  • Protein: 17g

My main health concern with this breakfast sandwich is that the cholesterol is high at 88% of your daily value.  The high cholesterol comes from the double dose of whole egg that are used to make the bun.  If Red’s would come out with a version of this meal made from egg whites instead of whole eggs then it would be just about perfect.

Note the the calories in the Eggwich are less than half of what you get in the Jimmy Dean Breakfast Croissants being sold at Costco.  On a personal preferences note, I love that this meal does not contain any palm oils or high fructose corn syrup.

Reds Eggwich Nutrition

With only 3g of carbohydrates and no added sugars this meal is absolutely Keto Friendly and the absence of any type of breading makes the meal gluten free.


I bought the eight pack of Red’s Turkey Sausage Eggwiches at Costco for $13.99 which works out to a cost of $1.75 per eggwich.

You can buy the sandwiches individually at Target for $2.99 at Target.

This means that you will save $1.70 (57%) when you buy this product at Costco instead of Target.

Price of Reds Turkey Eggwich at Costco



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  1. They don’t keep the Egg’Wich Turkey sausage in their system! They tease you with these products. You would think with college students and high school students grabbing quick breakfast this is good. Not Costco.

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