Costco Southwest Wrap with Rotisserie Chicken (Calories and Review)

The Costco Southwest Wrap with Rotisserie Chicken is, in my opinion, a massive fail that I hope gets removed from the deli counter on a permanent basis.

The sooner this Southwest wrap leaves Costco the better.

I dislike the Southwest wrap for the following reasons:

  • Awful Taste
  • High Price
  • Skimpy Portions
  • Massive Calories, Fat and Sodium Content

Keep reading if you are even slightly considering purchasing this monstrosity.

Tray of Costco's Southwest Wrap with Rotisserie Chicken


The Southwest wrap looks amazing with its burnt red tortilla and overflowing veggies.

Unfortunately the flavor of the wrap is dominated by the overwhelming flavor of raw red onions.  You get lots of corn, black beans, baby spinach and bell peppers in the wrap, all coated in a creamy sauce, but just about all I could taste was the sharpness of the raw red onions.

If you are a fan of raw onions then you will LOVE this wrap.

Close Up Look at the Southwest Wrap

The wrap does come with a creamy dipping sauce which has a pleasant amount of spicy kick on the back end.

I think the dipping sauce is the absolute best thing about this wrap.  I ended up eating a portion of one wrap, threw the rest away, and kept the dipping sauce to use for dunking some chicken nuggets.

The Southwest Wraps Come with a Dipping Sauce

Skimpy on the Chicken

Another aspect of the wrap that disappointed was that the amount of rotisserie chicken was dismal.  I opened up a couple of the wraps for an autopsy and I was able to spot a ton of veggies but had to hunt to find any chicken.

Maybe I just got a non-representative tray of wraps but the minimal amount of chicken was absurd.

If anyone from Costco is reading this then I actually have a helpful suggestion.  Just skip the chicken and replace it with rice or quinoa and have yourself a legitimate Southwest Vegetarian Wrap.  I suspect your vegetarian customers would love to have this as a meal option.

Inside the Wrap

Calories and Nutrition

Costco says that a half wrap (one of four in the tray) is a single serving and has the following calories and nutritional information:

  • Calories: 620
  • Fat: 35g
  • Cholesterol: 100mg
  • Sodium: 1560mg
  • Carbohydrates: 50g
  • Protein: 27g

This wrap is LOADED with calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium.  If you are looking for a healthy lunch option then give these things a pass.

To be fair, the nutritional information (which is posted on the placard where you order party platters) assumes you are using all of the rich dipping sauce.  There is no way to determine the fat/calories of the sauce separate from the wraps.


You get four half wraps and a container of dipping sauce per tray.  The tray has a unit price of $6.99 per pound and, with a weight of around 2.25 pound, will cost you about $16 per tray.

This means that a single half wrap will cost you about $4 and I can’t get my head around how this is possibly a value.

Seriously, you could buy yourself:

  • A rotisserie chicken for $4.99
  • Some burrito sized tortillas for $3.99 
  • A can of corn for $1.25
  • A can of black beans for $1.25
  • A jar of Southwest Seasoned Mayo for $3.99

Then you could make at least three times as many wraps for the exact same cost as what Costco is charging for these.

I don’t mind paying extra for the convenience of someone else preparing a meal for me but the amount of markup on this item is hard to justify.

Price of the Southwest Wraps

Overall Impressions

I really hope the Southwest Wrap leaves the store soon and our beloved Asian Wrap with Rotisserie Chicken returns in its place.

The only redeeming feature of this wrap is that it looks amazing.  So, when you are at Costco, swing by the deli section, take a look to enjoy the view, and then keep on walking.


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5 thoughts on “Costco Southwest Wrap with Rotisserie Chicken (Calories and Review)

  1. I agree my wife and I tried the southwest wrap. It was expensive, flavorless and the sauce was terrible. The sauce was very salty with a very strong vinegar taste. I hope they stop selling it also.

  2. Since Asian wraps are gone, we tried this SW wrap, awful, clili power and mayo dip, chili power flavor in wrap itself. Our first try is our last try. Hope they bring the asian wraps back soon.

  3. No matter what other people say – we felt the taste very good and decent portion. On top of that – of course if you eat the complete sauce it would be high in calories. Only a fool would eat so much mayo containing sauce.

    I would buy it every time I go to costco.

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