Costco Pork Jerky {Golden Island Korean BBQ Flavor}

I was getting ready to check out at Costco yesterday and passed a nice lady passing out samples of Golden Island Pork Jerky.  I had been curious about this product for a while and was delighted to get a free sample without having to purchase a whole bag!

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • Costco Pork Jerky Taste Test
  • Pork Jerky Nutrition
  • Price of Pork Jerky at Costco

Golden Island Pork Jerky at Costco

Golden Island Pork Jerky Taste Test!

This Korean barbecue style pork jerky tastes and feels very different than a traditional beef jerky.  The pieces of jerky are small and this and feel slightly tacky like the flavors have been glazed onto the meat.

The texture of the pork jerky is at a crossroads between Tough/Tender.  The jerky is not hard but does have a lot of chew to it.

The flavor of the jerky is on the sweet side with touches of savory.  This flavor profile, which would be problematic on beef, works great with the pork.

Overall this is a nice jerky with a unique, interesting flavor and good chew.

Sample of Golden Island Pork Jerky


Costco Pork Jerky Calories and Nutrition

A single serving of this jerky is 1 ounce and has the following nutritional information:

  • Calories: 90
  • Fat: 2g
  • Cholesterol: 25mg
  • Sodium: 360mg
  • Carbohydrates: 10g
  • Protein: 7g

Overall this is a relatively healthy meat snack that has nutritional qualities similar to jerky made from turkey or buffalo.

The pork jerky only has 2g of fat which is five times lower than found in Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Jerky.

The carbohydrates are higher than you will find for most types of jerky and that comes from the added sugar in the ingredients.  This jerky would not be considered keto friendly.  If you want a low sugar jerky then check out Kirkland Signature Steak Strips instead.

The company website says the jerky is Gluten Free and the ingredient list indicates that it is made with gluten free soy sauce.

Pork Jerky Nutrition

Price of Pork Jerky at Costco

The 14.5 ounce bag of Golden Island Pork Jerky costs $12.99, or $0.896 per ounce, at Costco.

Prices are extremely volatile for everything right now so instead of looking at the total price I think it makes sense to compare the price to a benchmark.

For example, the Kirkland Signature Beef Steak Strips currently cost $0.966 per ounce and that is a pretty nice deal.

The pork jerky currently costs $0.07 per ounce less than the Costco branded beef jerky which makes the pork jerky a great value.

Price of Pork Jerky at Costco


Golden Island Gluten Free Pork Jerky at Costco

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