The New Costco Mac and Cheese Brand that Super Shoppers LOVE!

Costco has done it again! This time, they’ve stocked their shelves with a unique and nutritious twist on classic mac and cheese. This aged white cheddar and shells pasta has sparked a lively conversation among Costco shoppers and food enthusiasts. Let’s dive into what people are saying about this product and why it’s creating such a buzz.

bowl of creamy mac and cheese

A Gourmet Mac & Cheese Experience

Goodles Shella Good offers more than your typical boxed mac and cheese. Packed with 14 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, and 21 nutrients from plants, it’s designed to be a healthier alternative without sacrificing taste.


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Here’s a look at what the Facebook community thinks about this new pasta!

Enthusiastic Reviews

Sharon T., a top contributor, shared her excitement: “I loved it!! 10/10 will buy again! I may have to run back and restock before it’s gone!” Sharon’s sentiment is echoed by many others who have tried the product.

Caitlynn H., another top contributor, mentioned, “My kids loved them, way healthier vs Kraft.”

Jessica K. simply stated, “So good!”

Crystal W. praised the product for its versatility: “Awesome for a Mac n cheese craving with some additional protein. Bonus points for adding in broccoli and chicken for a well-rounded meal!”

Comparisons to Other Brands

A significant portion of the discussion compared Goodles to other popular mac and cheese brands like Kraft and Annie’s.

Mallory C. commented, “They’re really good. I wouldn’t compare to Kraft.” She further explained that Goodles offers different ingredients and overall quality.

Erin E., another top contributor, added, “I love these and the Shella Good are my favorite flavor! They are also super nutritionally dense with the veggies, protein, and fiber! They make a great dinner for two with a side of chicken nuggets if you are low on time 😊”

Health Benefits and Ingredients

One of the standout features of Goodles Shella Good is its nutritional profile. Goodles prides itself on being the first boxed mac and cheese to receive Clean Label certification, ensuring the highest standard of clean ingredients free from over 400 contaminants, including chemicals, plastics, pesticides, and other toxins.


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Megan D. was curious about the health claims: “Just curious…how are there ‘veggies’ in the pasta? Like, these are mass-produced products…do they sprinkle in a little broccoli powder to meet FDA qualifications to claim ‘veggies/protein’??!! American food is so messed up.”

Sam W. responded with insight into the ingredients: “It’s half chickpea flour.”

Cory M. appreciated the balance of nutrition and taste: “They’re definitely not Kraft. But for high protein Mac and cheese they are delicious!”

Mixed Reactions

While many have praised Goodles Shella Good, some had mixed feelings.

Audrey A. thought the texture could be improved: “They sampled these at the store and I thought the shells were a bit too dense. I like the original Mac and cheese one though!”

Natalie K. noted the change from traditional macaroni: “Amazing! We miss the macaroni that used to have. Not sure why they changed to the shells.”

Caitlynn H. shared her family’s reaction: “I love Goodles and my son loves them too. So glad to see these at Costco!”

Practical Advice

For those who haven’t found Goodles Shella Good at their local Costco, there are ways to request it.

Kendra G. mentioned, “Sometimes you can even just request them in the store! My dad did that with a cheese he wanted. They’ll often do it, but if it’s not a high seller, then they won’t continue to order.”


Goodles Shella Good has certainly made an impression with its healthier ingredients and unique flavor. Whether you’re a mac and cheese enthusiast looking for a healthier option or just curious to try something new, it seems worth picking up a box on your next Costco run. From the enthusiastic reviews to the practical advice on how to request it at your local store, it’s clear that this product has a dedicated following.

For more details on how Goodles compares to other brands, check out Goodles Us vs. Them. Happy tasting!


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