A Little Info About Costco’s Food Court Coffee Drinks {Mocha Freeze and Latte Freeze)

The Costco Food Court is currently selling two frozen coffee drinks, a Mocha Freeze and a Latte Freeze.  I am a coffee freak and love Costco so any time I get to combine two of my favorite thigs I have to give it a try!

On my last trip to Costco I tried these two drinks side by side and had a hard time deciding which one I liked better.

Costco Frozen Coffee Drinks

Latte Freeze

The Latte Freeze, made with Cold Brewed Kirkland Signature Columbian Coffee, is the same drink as the Mocha Freeze but without the extra shot of chocolate syrup.

Both the Latte and Mocha Freeze drinks are caffeinated but the exact amount of caffeine in the drinks is not available information.

The Latte Freeze is a slightly sweetened “coffee slushy” that really reminds me of a milkshake.  I contacted Costco’s customer service to see what the drink is sweetened with but was told that the ingredients are proprietary and cannot be shared.

From a flavor standpoint I would estimate that you get about 70% coffee flavor and 30% sweeteners and “other stuff”.

The large menu at the Costco Food Court displays the calorie count for all of the items served except for this one.  According to Costco Customer Service, the calorie count is 310.

Costco Cold Brew Latte Freeze

Mocha Freeze

The Mocha Freeze has the same base drink as the Latte Freeze but includes a big shot of chocolate syrup.  You will need to stir the heck out of the drink if you want to get everything well mixed.

The flavor that the chocolate syrup brings to the party is amazing.  I never cease to be amazed at how well coffee and chocolate work together.

The Mocha Freeze tastes like a rich, decadent chocolate milkshake and would be amazing paired with a warm twisted churro.

Costco Cold Brew Mocha Freeze

The calorie count for the Mocha Freeze is given on the large overhead menu and is listed as 580 calories per serving.

Here is where my dilemma comes into play.

There is no question about which of the drinks tastes better to me as I think the Frozen Cold Brew Mocha Freeze tastes amazing. That being said, the Mocha Freeze has 270 more calories than the Latte Freeze.

In order for me to walk off the calories from a Latte Freeze I will need to go on a three mile walk around my neighborhood.  If I drink the Mocha Freeze then I will need to just about double that walk and get in a six mile hike.

I know this is a little bit simpleton but this is one way I decide if a food or beverage is worth the calories.  I would be happy to take a three mile walk if it meant enjoying a Latte Freeze guilt free.  The idea of walking another three miles on top of that just for a shot of chocolate syrup does not seem worth it to me.

Calories in Costcos Cold Brew Mocha Freeze

How to Order and Pay for the Frozen Coffee Drinks

The Baton Rouge Costco uses a self serve kiosk and I am pretty sure most stores will be converted to this system within a year or so.

To place an order you use the touch screen to select the drink that you want.  Once the drink is selected you can increase the quantity if you want to buy more than one.

How to Order Coffee Drinks at Costco

After your selection is complete, press the “Pay for Order” button and use your credit card to complete payment.

After you pay the credit card machine will give you a receipt with your order number. Hold onto you receipt and wait near the counter until your order number is called.

Once your order number is called show the employee your receipt, grab your coffee and enjoy!

Please note that with this new system you can ONLY pay with a Visa card.  The credit card machines will not accept Mastercard or American Express and there is no option to pay with cash.

Both of the drinks currently cost $2.99 which makes the Mocha Freeze a better value as long as you don’t mind the extra calories.

Price of Food Court Coffee Drinks


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