Philips Sonicare Optimal Clean vs Perfect Clean vs Diamond Toothbrush at Costco

I am flabbergasted that I just spent several hours and took multiple trips to Costco simply to figure out a toothbrush.  If you are at Costco standing in the aisle and trying to figure out if the Philips Sonicare is a good toothbrush to buy then I have the answer for you!

Buy the Philips Sonicare Optimal Clean. If you buy the Philips Sonicare Perfect Clean then you are going to waste $20-$50 on features you do not need.  Of course, I only figured that out after I bought the Perfect Clean model.

Philips Sonicare Perfect Clean Toothbrush from Costco

The Philips Sonicare is a Good Toothbrush

The Sonicare toothbrushes are excellent.

This is my first sonic toothbrush and I am amazed at the difference.

The cleaning that you get with these brushes is an order of magnitude better than what you get by brushing your teeth with a manual toothbrush.  According to the reviews that I have read the Sonicare is also a huge step up compared to the cheaper electric toothbrushes on the market.

Speaking of reviews, I went ahead and grabbed the reviews for the Perfect Clean model from Costco’s website so you could see what other people think of the product.

All told, 92% of people liked these brushes enough to leave a 5 or 4 Star review.

What is Different Between the Models (Perfect, Optimal, Diamond)?

Costco offers three different Sonicare toothbrushes that come as a two-pack:

  • Optimal
  • Perfect
  • Diamond

The brushes can be utilized with different types of brush heads that are designed for Whitening, Plaque Removal or Gum Care.

What sets the models apart from each other are the number and types of settings as well as price.

Sonicare Optimal

The Optimal is the least expensive brush with the two-pack costing $99.  The brush is advertised as removing 600% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The Optimal has two cleaning modes, Clean and White, that can be used at either a High or Low power setting.  The different modes and power levels combine to offer you four cleaning options.

Sonicare Optimal Clean Toothbrush at Costco

Sonicare Perfect

The Perfect is the mid-priced brush with the two-pack costing $149 (we got ours on sale for $119).  The brush is advertised as removing 900% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The Perfect has three cleaning modes, Clean, White and Gum Care  that can be used at either a High, Medium or Low power setting.  The different modes and power levels combine to offer you nine cleaning options.

Philips Sonicare Perfect Clean

Sonicare Diamond

The Diamond is the most expensive brush and it looks like it is only sold through the Costco website. The website does not list the price for the two-pack but, as a reference point, you can buy a single Sonicare DiamondClean online from other realtors for about $200.

The Diamond has four cleaning modes, Clean, White+, Gum Health and Deep Clean+  that can be used at either a High, Medium or Low power setting.  The different modes and power levels combine to offer you twelve cleaning options.

Why You Should Buy the Optimal Clean Model

I love my Sonicare Perfect Clean but I simply do not need or use all of the different settings.  I put my toothbrush on Clean mode, set the power to High and get the job done.

I can not imagine the scenario where I would ever say, “Gee, I want to treat myself to a Medium Power Gum Care brushing today!”

The Optimal would have saved me money, met my needs just fine and still have been a massive upgrade over my manual toothbrush.

The only reason that we bought the Perfect instead of the Optimal was because Costco had placed the Perfect model at the aisle facing end row.  The store was crowded and we just grabbed it as we walked by so we could hurry up and get out of there.  I didn’t even know that the Optimal model was available until I went back a week later and walked down the aisle.


Price of Optimal Clean Sonic Toothbrushes at Costco

Make the Upgrade From Manual Brushing

This is one of those products you do not realize you needed until after you have used it.

For years my wife has been telling me that I needed to make the switch but I resisted because I thought it was crazy to spend that much money for a toothbrush.  But, yep…she was right.

It takes a little while to get used to the brush.  It vibrates your mouth like crazy, figuring out the right pressure takes a minute, etc.  Basically it is a massive change from how you brushed your teeth your whole life so, yeah, there is a learning curve.

I’m glad I made the switch!



Good morning and welcome to the site dedicated to helping you find great products at Costco and other stores! My name is David Somerville and these are hands on reviews of products that I have bought and used or am seriously considering purchasing. I do most of my shopping at the Costco in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but will check out any other Costco warehouses I find while travelling. Please get in touch with any questions and let me know of any great products that deserved to be featured in this blog!

8 thoughts on “Philips Sonicare Optimal Clean vs Perfect Clean vs Diamond Toothbrush at Costco

  1. Very helpful as I’m standing in isle with all 3 models trying to decide which one I should get. I’m getting the Optimal! Thank you.

  2. The tooth brush is great but Phillips Customer care sucks! I have a diamond that I purchase it 4 /2020 ( It is supposed to be warrenteed thru Oct of 2022) It worked great until about a month ago when it would stop with the little pressure. I charged it and put on a new heat to no avail.

    I have tried to go to Phillips on line but I cannot get a response. I tried chatting this evening for about 45 minutes and the person on the other end had no clue asking the following

    Is the outlet working? Duh
    Are there other appliances plugged into this outlet. Yes
    Is there any metal surfaces nearby? NO!
    And finally Are you placing the handle correctly in the charging bowl. REALLY! this person did even know it only lays one way.

    Will not buy a Phillips product again

  3. 8/22/22: DiamondClean model is selling for $299 (2-pack) at PerfectClean is normally $170 for 2-pack but is $35 off while currently on sale.

  4. We bought the optimal pack in December, 2020. I am religious about brushing my teeth twice a day. And I like to use the high powered “white” option. The optimal has a 2 year warranty and I will the two year mark in about 10 days. With that being said, my optimal brush is beginning to make some funny noises, and it seems like the inner workings are beginning to get a little loose, so I’m thinking I’m about to lose this product just about the time the warranty ends. If this is the usual case, then the optimal is definitely the best bet if the longevity of the other two models is the same. I have been very pleased with this toothbrush, so if it does go “belly up”, then I’ll wait for the $69 sale in simply by another set.

  5. Great reviews with photos, thank you !!! Oh my goodness… this whole process of comparing Philips sonicare toothbrushes is so difficult!!! I agree with you …Philips Customer service stinks!!! I finally could not stand talking with people that did not know their sonicare products, that I asked for someone in the technical department. I was connected to the Oral Health Care Sales and Support team at 1-800-428-9448. There was 1 gal that was helpful only with certain models… maybe those were the top recommended models by Dentists??? I don’t know. I bought Diamon Clean 2 pk from Costco on sale for approximatley $179. (was $299.) and returned it close to 1 yr after purchase due to loud noise and rattling in one of the handles. I bought a new one and right after a year, same type problem. Last week I just purchased the Perfect Clean and Optimal Clean to compare them before I opened one. I want to see what their Bristle movement per minute is. So far NO SUCH LUCK! Expert clean I was told is 62,000. If anyone does know the answer for the Perfect Clean and Optimal Clean models, I would greatly appreciate that information.

    The question I am trying to get answered is, which Philips Sonicare Models have the highest “bristle movement per minute”? Each model should have its specific number of bristle movement per minute!!!!
    The gal told me Expert Clean was 62,000. She did not know Optimal Clean or Perfect Clean’s numbers.
    So if anyone does know. I would sure appreciate knowing their Bristle movement per minute, which to me would be an important number for geting teeth cleaned!

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