Costco Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum {Instead of the Shark Performance}

A few months ago we bought our kids the Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaner from Costco as a Christmas present.  I figure getting a new vacuum cleaner as a gift is a step up from socks and underwear but still a few notches below getting a pony.

Shark has two full sized upright vacuum cleaners at Costco, Navigator and Performance, and I had an incredibly hard time figuring out which one to buy.

In the end I bought the Navigator and think I made the right decision.

Shark Navigator at Costco

Let’s take a minute to see if the Navigator is right for you:

Key Features of the Navigator

The Shark Navigator is a full sized upright vacuum cleaner that features a removable “Lift Away” module that makes vacuuming stairs and anything above ground level easier.

The Navigator has a self cleaning brush roll that prevents the roller from becoming a tangled mess when it encounters hair.  There is a built in LED headlight so you can actually see what you are doing and it comes with tools that are specially designed for getting pet hair out of the crevices in your sofa.

Basically this is a solid vacuum that is designed to deal with pet hair and works much better than their Shark IQ Robot vacuum.

Cost of Shark Navigator Vacuum at Costco


Navigator vs Performance

What confused me the most when I was making my purchase was that Costco had the Shark Navigator sitting right beside the Shark Performance.

The two vacuums looked incredibly similar and I struggled to find any really differences from the information on the boxes.

Shark Performance and Navigator Side by Side

Eventually I noticed two differences.

The first difference was that the Performance has an extra roller that Shark markets as a “Duoclean System”.  According to the Shark website the extra roller is a Soft Roller that pulls in small particles and gives floors a polished look.

The second difference was that the Performance felt a couple of pounds heavier than the Navigator.

I didn’t really care about the Soft Roller feature on the Performance but I did care about the extra weight as my daughter would be carrying this thing up and down a flight of stairs on a regular basis.

The Performance was marked down for Christmas from $269 to $199.  The markdown should have made the Performance a bargain but it still cost $20 more than the lighter Navigator.

Cost of Shark Performance Vacuum at Costco


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