How to Use Costco’s Sriracha Seasoning

I started wondering how to use the Kirkland Sriracha Seasoning as soon as I saw that it was for sale at Costco!  I have tried the Sriracha Seasoning in a ton of different ways and was delighted to discover its versatility.

This seasoning blend is way more than a one note flavor punch of heat and I suspect that once you figure out the flavor profile that you will be using it almost every day 🙂

Bottle of Kirkland Sriracha Seasoning

Let’s Look at the Ingredients

Once I took a look at the ingredient list I started to come up with some ideas on how to use the sriracha.  The seasoning blend primarily contains:

  • Sugar
  • Sriracha Chili Sauce Powder
  • Maltodextrin
  • Paprika
  • Salt
  • Tomato Powder
  • Vinegar Solids
  • Corn Starch
  • Onion Powder
  • Citric Acid

This stuff is basically sugar with some chili powder and a touch of salt.  They tossed in some paprika and tomato powder to make the red color more vibrant.

The seasoning has some heat but it isn’t so spicy that its overwhelming.

Kirkland Sriracha Seasoning Ingredients

Use as a Dry Rub

You can mix the sriracha seasoning with a little salt and use it as a dry rub.  The sugar from the seasoning will char and give you great grill marks while the chili, paprika and tomato powder will give your grilled meats beautiful color.

It is important that you season the meat with salt, either in advance or mixed with the sriracha, as the seasoning does not have enough salt on its own to be used as a rub.

I would suggest using this on quick cooking meats (or veggies) like steaks or boneless skinless chicken thighs.

Use Sriracha Seasoning on Steaks

Liven Up Your Dips

I have really enjoyed the extra layer of flavor that the seasoning brings when added to hummus.  The sweet and spiciness of the seasoning plays well with the savory of the chickpeas and tahini.

You could also add this to your blue cheese dipping sauce when you are eating chicken wings or mix it in with some tzatziki sauce for some kicked up gyros!

The seasoning is also excellent when mixed with sour cream and used as a veggie dip.

Sriracha Gives Hummus a Kick

Mix it With Mayo

I mixed up some of the seasoning with the mayonnaise I used when making some ham salad with the canned pulled pork I also got at Costco.

The sandwich turned out incredibly tasty and I would definitely make this again.

You could use the same trick just about anywhere you use mayonnaise such as:

  • Tuna Salad
  • Chicken Salad
  • Deviled Eggs

Add Sriracha to Mayo in Ham Salad

Season Your Snacks

The seasoning is also delicious when sprinkled over your favorite salty snacks.

The stuff is great when used on popcorn and takes a bag of Chex Mix to a whole other level!



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