Our Cats Enjoy the Kirkland Pate Wet Cat Food From Costco

Costco has finally started selling their own brand of Wet Cat Food and I was glad to give our cats a chance to get in on some Costco review work!

This food, intended for adult cats, is grain free and contains either Salmon, Turkey or Chicken as the primary ingredient.  The food is packaged into 45 trays of pate that each contain 3.5 ounces.

The Kirkland pate is Item Number 1647381 and is found in the back of the warehouse with the other pet supplies.

Case of Costco Wet Cat Food

Three Pate Cat Food Flavors

You get 45 trays of food per box that are divided as follows:

  • 15 Trays Salmon Pate
  • 15 Trays Chicken Pate
  • 15 Trays Turkey Pate

I like having the different flavor options and rotate between them to keep our cats from getting bored with a single variety.

This food has been well accepted by our two cats and it looks like the Salmon Pate is their favorite.

I really appreciate how easy it is to simply peel back the top foil to open the cat food.  We used to buy another brand of wet food that was hard to open and I would end up with “juice” on my hands and on my clothes.

Three Flavors of Wet Cat Food from Costco

Nutrition and Feeding Instructions

A single tray of the wet cat food weighs 3.5 ounces (99g).  The nutritional values varies slightly between flavors.  The values for a tray of the Turkey Pate are:

  • Calories per Tray: 98
  • Crude Protein: 8.0%
  • Crude Fat: 4.5%
  • Crude Fiber: 1.5%
  • Moisture: 80.0%
  • Taurine: 0.07%

The recommended feeding amounts are 2.5 to 3 trays of food per 8 pounds of body weight per day.  The exact amount of food you cat needs will vary depending upon age, activity and breed.

We give both of our cats one tray in the morning and one tray in the evening and supplement this with an open feeding bowl of dry cat food.  Neither cat ever finishes a full tray which makes our leftover stealing Golden Retriever very happy 🙂

Container of Costco Wet Cat Food

Price of Kirkland Pate Wet Cat Food at Costco

I bought the 45 count box of wet cat food at Costco for $32.99 which comes out to a cost of $0.733 per tray.  With 3.5 ounces per tray the per ounce cost is about $0.21.

The cost of the Kirkland product is less than you will spend on a premium cat food like Fancy Feast but more than a budget brand like Friskies.  Overall the food looks like it is fairly priced.

Price of Wet Cat Food at Costco


Good morning and welcome to the site dedicated to helping you find great products at Costco and other stores! My name is David Somerville and these are hands on reviews of products that I have bought and used or am seriously considering purchasing. I do most of my shopping at the Costco in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but will check out any other Costco warehouses I find while travelling. Please get in touch with any questions and let me know of any great products that deserved to be featured in this blog!

9 thoughts on “Our Cats Enjoy the Kirkland Pate Wet Cat Food From Costco

  1. Does Costco/Kirkland make cover lids for these 3.5oz pate containers? Our cats live this stuff..Thank you. RT

  2. I would like it if the foil top was a bit bigger. Then the foil could be folded under the rim. The can and lid can then be recycled. My cat likes the chicken flavor.

    Thanks –

  3. My cats LOVE this food. It has slightly less protein than the other wet pate I was feeding them but it’s a win if my pickiest cat is excited about getting moisture in her diet instead of snubbing it and only eating the kibble. Also, it may be a coincidence; however, the voms have pretty much all stopped since I switched – no one is gobbling up dry food (scarf ‘n barf style) as they are satisfied with their primary staple in the wet food. My cats won’t eat a full tray so I split it up and put the opened pack in a ziplock bag until the next feeding.

  4. I have been feeding my cat this food for some time now. Since the beginning he would eat all of them and then the next case he wouldn’t touch the salmon. When I opened a new case he would eat the salmon again. I started writing the dates and codes for the ones he wouldn’t eat. This last case he wouldn’t touch was the turkey. He has always liked the turkey and chicken but not the last case of turkey. I am going to open another case today and see if the code is different and if he will eat it. The price isn’t bad except when you are feeding it to the barn cats and coons. I was wondering if the manufacturing of these vary from lot number to lot number.

  5. Dave, are you aware of whether this brand adds insect protein to the cat food? I am looking for an option to Fancy Feast because it seems Purina is adding it to their pet foods and the re-formulations are disgusting.

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