Is the i8+ Roomba at Costco With Extra Accessories a Great Deal?

Costco has the i8+ Roomba for sale from iRobot and it is a purchase that I am on the fence about.  I haven’t made up my mind if I am going to buy this or not but, since I spent a lot of time researching the product, I wanted to share what I have learned.

The TL;DR version: The Costco Roomba is a great value but doesn’t always work as it should.

Costco Roomba Model

Features of the i8+ Roomba

The i8+ Roomba is a robotic vacuum cleaner that has the ability to clean itself out into a dirt disposal unit located at its charging base.  The disposal unit will hold about two months worth of debris from a typical household.

The cleaner is guided by patented smart navigation and will map out your home so you can program exactly where and when you want it to clean.  For example, after the device performs the initial mapping you can program it to clean the kitchen daily and the spare guest bedroom once a week.

Additionally, the device is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant which means that, after connecting the device, it will respond to verbal commands like, “Clean the Living Room.”

From a navigational standpoint this Roomba is a massive upgrade from the older “dumb” Roombas that would bump into everything and bounce around a room.

The vacuum cleans with dual rubber brushes that will not get tangled up with hair.  The rubber brushes are flexible which helps them stay in contact with the floor when the surface changes.

How is the i8+ Different From Other Models?

To the best that I can tell the i8+, which is sold exclusively at Costco, is the same Roomba as the i6+, which is sold exclusively at the big online retailer and the i7+, which is primarily sold at Best Buy.

Roomba appears to have made the three models so different retailers can try different price points without shoppers being able to do direct price/product comparisons at different retailers.

What sets the i8+ at Costco apart from what is available at Best Buy is:

  • 20% larger battery (90 minutes of run time vs 75 minutes)
  • 3 extra HEPA bags included
  • 2 extra HEPA filters included
  • Virtual Wall included
  • Better Warranty

The Virtual Wall is a small device that you can place in front of an object that sends an electronic “Do Not Enter” signal to the Roomba.  This is a handy device if there is table, chair or room where you absolutely do not want the Roomba to get near.

Here is the absolutely best video review of the Costco Roomba that I have seen.


Costco Value

I have fun figuring out if Costco is really offering a great deal or not and in this case it is pretty obvious that Costco is providing us with a bargain.

Listed below are the standard base prices for the three nearly identical models at their respective retailers.

  • i8+ = $699 at Costco
  • i7+ = $799 at Best Buy
  • i6+ = $729 at Walmart

The i8+ at Costco is the cheapest option.  The i8 also comes with extra accessories valued at:

  • 3 Extra HEPA bags = $20
  • 2 Extra HEPA filters = $25
  • Virtual Wall = $60
  • Total: $105

The i8+ at Costco is clearly a bargain and can sometimes be found on sale for an even better price.

Cost of i8 Roomba at Costco


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