A Closer Look at the Leisure Line Outdoor Rocking Chair by Tangent at Costco

The Leisure Line Rocking Chair by Tangent, which is being sold at Costco, is a great outdoor seating solution.  The chair is attractive and solidly built out of high density recycled plastic.

I liked everything about this chair except how it felt when I was sitting in it.  Although the chair was uncomfortable for me (more on that below) I suspect it will be a great fit for other people.

Outdoor Rocking Chair at Costco

Key Features

The rocking chair is made of high density recycled plastic that has been UV stabilized.  The stabilized plastic is guaranteed against cracking, splitting or warping for 40 years.

You don’t have to worry about rain, snow or saltwater mist getting on this rocking chair as the elements will not degrade the heavy duty plastic.

The type of recycled used is called “Polywood” and it looks more like real wood than plastic.  The chair has a lovely Grey on White color scheme that is accented by stainless steel fasteners.

The physical dimensions of the chair are:

  • Height: 43 in
  • Length: 35 in 
  • Width: 24.75 in
  • Weight: 44 lbs

The chair requires assembly which should take you less than an hour.

Costco Rocking Chair Requires Assembly


Leisure Line says, “The rocker isn’t just durable and long-lasting; it’s got a timeless appeal. Engineered to provide a smooth rocking motion, the classic outdoor rocking chair is, in a word, perfection.”

I tried out the chair in the warehouse and looked like a goofball.  I was sitting there rocking away with a goofy grin on my face as folks kept passing by with their carts full of rotisserie chicken and toilet paper.

The chair rocked smoothly and the seat height made it easy to get in and out of the chair.

The one thing that was not comfortable for me was the position of the chair when I wasn’t rocking back and forth.  When the chair was stationary it had me leaning slightly forward instead of slightly backward.  The slightly forward position was not relaxing or comfortable and just felt a little weird.

Because of the way I was leaning forward in the chair I never got the relaxing feeling of, “I could sit in this chair all day”.

It could be that the resting position is influenced by my body shape.  I am a 185 pound male and I suspect that the chair would respond differently to a 140 pound woman.

Costco Value

This chair is Item Number 1612681 and currently costs $189.99 in the warehouse or $199.99 when buying online.

These chairs are priced similar to, or slightly higher, than regular wood rocking chairs but should last for many more years. Overall the Leisure Line chairs are at a extremely fair price point.

Give these chairs a try and see how they feel for you!

Price of Composite Outdoor Rocking Chair at Costco

Other Seating Options at Costco

I spend a lot of time sitting in random chairs at Costco.  If you are curious about some other seating options then check out the following reviews.

The chairs that we bought and are currently loving are the Timber Ridge Director’s Chair.  The chairs are comfortable, heavy duty and have a really useful built in side table with holders for your phone and a drink.

We tried the Rio Swinging Hammock Chair and felt it was a little too uncomfortable.  The main thing the chair needs is a footrest of some type.  On the plus side, the Hammock Chair gets the job done and is highly portable.

Another option to consider is the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger.  This is a massive chair that almost swallows you up and is a nice outdoor recliner.


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