Costco Zero Gravity Lounger {Timber Ridge}

While I was shopping for some extra outdoor seating at Costco I tried out the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger.  The chair looked sturdy and was quite comfortable but I decided that it wasn’t the right option for me.

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • Key Features of the Lounger
  • What I Didn’t Buy the Lounger
  • Customer Reviews
  • Costco Value

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger

Key Features of the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger

The Zero Gravity Lounger has an adjustable recline that almost reaches a full horizontal position.  The chair has two levers, one underneath each arm rest, that lock the chair into the desired recline position.

This is a slightly oversized chair that has a seat width of about 20 inches and can support up to 350 pounds.

The chair is constructed of powder coated aluminum frame that will will never rust and a thick, padded polyester body.  The chair has a built-in adjustable head rest as well as a side table that includes holders for your coffee cup and phone.

When the lounger is set up it has dimensions of 43 x 20 x 21 inches and it collapses down to 31 x 38 x 7 inches.

The chair weighs approximately 22 pounds and, when fully collapsed, should easily fit in you car trunk.

Side Table for Lounger

Why I Did Not Buy the Lounger

I was looking for some extra seating for our back deck that I could set up when we had extra guests come over.

While I thought the lounger was much more comfortable than the swinging hammock chairs that Costco was also selling, I also thought that the lounger was a little too oversized for my needs.  I am not a small guy but it still felt like the lounger was swallowing me up!

Another issue with the size of the lounger is that it wasn’t particularly easy to collapse and carry. I wasn’t excited about the thought of taking the chairs down and hauling them into our extra bedroom for storage.

I ended up buying a couple of the Timber Ridge Director’s Chairs instead as they were much more portable and still comfortable.

Customer Reviews of the Zero Gravity Lounger

I wanted to see what other people thought of this chair so I pulled up the reviews from the Costco website.  The chair has almost 2,000 reviews and overall the comments were pretty positive with 92% of all reviews being either a 5 or 4 Stars.

I scrolled through the few negative reviews and the biggest complaints stemmed from the same observations that I had made.  The people who didn’t like this chair thought that it was too large and bulky.

One customer left a comment that these chairs were way to large for them to carry and store in their RV but would be great for someone who needed permanent outdoor seating.  That sounds just about right to me.

Customer Reviews of Zero Gravity Lounger

Costco Value

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger has an in store warehouse price of $89.99.

I found essentially the same chair on Amazon for $149 which means you will save about $60 if you buy it at Costco.

I think that this is a fine lounger at a great price but it simply wasn’t the right product for me.

Price of Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounger at Costco

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