I Love Our Timber Ridge Director’s Chairs with Side Tables From Costco

My wife and I have been looking for some extra seating options for our deck.  We wanted to get something that was study, comfortable, looked nice and was easily portable.  It turns out that is a tough combination of features to pull off!

What we finally bought was a pair of the Timber Ridge Director’s Chairs from Costco.

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • Key Features of These Chairs
  • Pros and Cons of the Chairs
  • Customer Reviews of the Chairs
  • Costco Value


Timber Ridge Director Chair

Let’s get started!

Dimensions and Features

When these chairs are fully open and the side table is up they are:

  • 37.5 inches tall
  • 37.5 inches wide
  • 20 inches deep 

The chair itself has a seat that is 20.4 inches wide and a back that is 18.5 inches tall and is rated to 300 pounds.

The chair comes with a nice side table with a slot to hold your phone and a cup holder.  The table is rated to 5.5 pounds.

The fabric is thick and the stitching appears to be high quality.

The frame is made of tubular aluminum that appears to be powder coated.

The chair collapses easily and weighs about ten pounds.

Director Chair Dimensions

Pros and Cons

These chairs are not perfect but overall I really like them.

Things I Like About the Chair

The chairs are comfortable and roomy.

The fabric and construction appear to be high quality and I expect the chairs to last for several years.

The chairs strike a nice balance between being lightweight enough to be portable but sturdy enough to make you feel like you are sitting in a real chair.

I love that the cup holder and phone holder are built into a side table and are not integrated into the are rest.

Things I Do Not Like About the Chair

My wife would like the back of the chair to be stiffer and provide more back support.

I am not crazy about the fact that the front tubular supports extend beyond the seat.  The design means that the back of my legs rest on the metal tubes and that slightly decreases the comfort level.

Support Bars Touch my Legs

Another minor flaw is that the cup holder is not quite large enough to handle my favorite coffee cup.  My coffee cup is large but it is not severely over-sized.

The inside diameter of the cup holder is a fuzz over 3.5 inches so keep that in mind if you like to use an over-sized mug or water bottle.

Cup Holder is a Little Small

Costco Value

I bought these chairs in the warehouse for $49.99 each.

You can buy a two pack of these chairs from Walmart for $124.99 which works out to a cost of $62.50 per chair.

This means that you will save $12.50 per chair (20%) when you buy them at Costco.

Price of Timber Ridge Director Chair at Costco



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