Why You Want to Buy the Traeger Redland 650 at Costco

The Traeger Redland 650 at Costco is quite possibly the best deal on a Traeger grill in the history of the company.  The Redland is a premium Traeger pellet grill that probably will only be available at Costco for one to two years.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Redland came to be and why it is such an amazing deal.

Traeger Redland 650 at Costco

History of the Redland 650

The hierarchy of Traeger grills has historically been:

  • Entry Level: Pro Series and Fremont
  • Premium: Ironwood Series
  • Ultra-Premium: Timberline Series

In 2023 Traeger updated the premium Ironwood grills with a new ash cleanout system and a few other upgrades.  The new Ironwood grills have a different body design than the original Ironwood.

In order to get rid of the leftover inventory of the original Ironwood grills Traeger has lowered the price and has also rebranded them into the Redland series at Costco.

The Traeger Redland 650 is almost identical to the Traeger Ironwood 650 which has a long track record of being an amazing grill.

The Redland has the capacity for any of the following:

  • 8 Chickens
  • 5 Racks of Ribs
  • 6 Pork Butts

More Smoke Flavor

The Redland 650 is equipped with Traeger’s D2 controller that is “WiFire” enabled. This controller is a massive upgrade over the Digital Arc Controller that comes on the Traeger Fremont which is another Costco exclusive.

The WiFire functionality lets you both monitor and control your grill remotely and is extremely impressive technology.  For example, you can use the app to monitor the internal temperature of the brisket you are smoking and then have the grill automatically switch to a warming mode whenever your desired target temperature is reached.

The D2 controller is DC powered which allows for precise adjustment of the auger motor feed rate and combustion air blower fan.  The result is the ability to set and control temperatures with a high degree of stability in 5 degree increments.

An important upgrade on the D2 controller is that the Redland comes with a SuperSmoke mode.  The SuperSmoke mode can be enabled at temperatures between 165F and 225F and lets the grill produce even more smoke flavor.

SuperSmoke Mode is not available on less expensive models like the Pro Series, Tailgater or Trailhead.

D2 Controller with SuperSmoke

In addition to SuperSmoke mode, the Redland will produce more smoke flavor through the engineered smoke exhaust that is mounted on the back of the grill.

Most pellet grills vent the smoke through a top mounted smoke stack.  When smoke goes out a smoke stack it goes up and over your meat.  When smoke exists the Redland it goes down and through your meat for greater contact.

Between SuperSmoke and the rear, downward exhaust you will get much better smoke flavor from the Redland than you will from a Pro Series.

Downdraft Smoke Exhaust

Build Quality

The Redland is a solidly built grill with nice attention to detail.

The DC powered motor is brushless for longer life and the walls of the grill are double insulated.  The double insulation will lower your pellet usage and helps the grill maintain temperatures in cold, windy weather.

The bottom grate is adjustable with two positions with the lower one being used for grilling and the top for smoking.

The combination of the insulation and the integrated TurboTemp mode allow the Redland to reach a top temperature of 500F.

Space for Multiple Racks of Ribs

The Redland is fitted with a 20 pound hopper that has been fitted with a pellet sensor.  The sensor will alert if your hopper is getting low so you will never run out of wood pellets in the middle of a cook.

Twenty Pound Hopper with Pellet Sensor

Extra Accessories

Traeger has thrown in a pile of accessories to sweeten the deal on the Redland.

The Redland comes standard with the following accessories that would cost you extra if you bought the Ironwood:

  • Front Folding Table
  • Grill Cover
  • Extra Grill Rack
  • Drip Tray Liners
  • Grease Bucket Liners

All told there are about $200 worth of extra accessories that come with the Redland.

Table Prep Space on Redland 650


The Traeger Redland 650 is normally priced at $929 in the Costco warehouse but I have seen it marked down to $829 more than once.

By comparison, the original Traeger Ironwood 650 is priced at $1,299 while the upgraded 2023 Ironwood carries a $1,799 price tag.

If you are interested in buying a Traeger then this is the best deal that you are going to find.

Price of the Traeger Redland 650


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  1. Please listen to Dave. I spent $360 more than I needed to to buy this grill. An no one can hep me after the fact. As I perfomed the grill Burn in. Buy the Costco version

    1. They had it at the Costco in North Dallas this weekend. I came across this blog while trying to decide if I should buy one. Looks like I probably should!

  2. Was going to get Recteq 590, but saw one remaining in stock for $399.97. I guess they’re closing them out and I’ve just couldn’t pass it up. We’ll give it a run this weekend

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