InnoFoods Dark Chocolate Keto Nuggets at Costco

On my last trip to Costco the lovely ladies were handing out samples of a Dark Chocolate Keto Nuggets from InnoFoods.  The nuggets are contain coconut, chocolate and a bunch of different types of seed (sunflower, quinoa, pumpkin) and only have four net carbs per serving.

I am not on a keto diet but I do love a good free sample so I had to give these nuggets a try!

Innofoods dark chocolate keto nuggets

Chocolate Keto Nugget Nutrition, Calories and Carbohydrates

A single serving of these nuggets weighs one ounce and is about the same as a large handful.  A serving of these nuggets has the following nutritional content:

  • Calories: 150
  • Fat: 13g (17% DV)
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Sodium: 50mg (2% DV)
  • Protein:3g
  • Total Carbohydrates: 9g
    • Dietary Fiber: 3g
    • Sugar Alcohol: 2g
    • Net Carbs: 4g

I have read people debating whether or not this type of snack is actually keto compliant.  While the 4 net carbs makes the nuggets keto friendly some people believe that because they contain cane sugar as an ingredient they shouldn’t be called keto.

This is the same argument I saw for the InnoFoods Coconut Keto Clusters.

Chocolate keto nuggets nutrition

The product is labeled as Organic and Non GMO.

Are the Chocolate Keto Nuggets Good?

These little coconut nuggets are delicious!

I was surprised at how well the dark chocolate and coconut tasted together and the crunchiness from the seeds made the nuggets texturally interesting.

The problem is that these nuggets are so tasty that there is no way you are going to stop eating them at a single serving.

I checked the customer reviews for this snack on Amazon and most people really love the product.  I don’t want to share the exact number of reviews here because the data is skewed by angry customers who received bags where the chocolate melted during shipping.

Ready to eat chocolate keto nuggets

Costco Value

You can buy a 16 ounce bag of these keto nuggets at Costco for $9.99 which works out to a cost of $0.624 per ounce.

You can but an 18 ounce bag of these snacks from Walmart for $28.99 which works out to a cost of $1.61 per ounce.

This means that you will save $0.99 per ounce (61%) when you buy these snacks at Costco.

Price of chocolate keto nuggets at Costco

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