I Really Like the Harrys Razors with the Truman Handle from Costco!

I bought Harry’s Truman Razor Set at Costco a while back and have been happy with the purchase.

Harry’s Razors are designed to be high-quality shaving products at a fair price. When you combine a brand like Harry’s Razors with the value driven engine of Costco then you are bound to get one heck of a deal.

Harrys Razor Kit at Costco

Let’s take a look at what you get in this shaving set.

Truman Handle and Thirteen Blades

The box set comes with:

  • The orange Truman handle equipped with a blade.
  • Three storage boxes that each contain four replacement blades.
  • Travel blade cover.

Truman Handle with 13 blades

Truman Handle

According to Harry’s Razor what makes this handle special is:

  • A rubberized handle with a textured pattern provides optimal control, even when wet.
  • The weighted core means it feels good in the hand, like a fine fountain pen.
  • Bold color options bring personality to your bathroom.

I find that the handle is nicely balanced and feels good to hold.  The textured pattern does make the handle easy to grip.

The orange color is not my favorite thing to look at but that’s no big deal.

Engineered Blades

Each shaving cartridge has :

  • Five blades
  • Lubricating strip
  • Flex hinge

I like the built in flex hinge as it helps the blades hug my face.

The blades are excellent at maintaining their sharpness.  I haven’t kept an accurate count of how many shaves I get per cartridge but I suspect it around 20.

Five Blades

There is a warning on the storage boxes for the replacement blades that these blades are NOT designed for shaving your head.  I had no idea that there were blades specific for your face and others specific for your head!

Why I Like These Razors

I am a fan of Harry’s Razors because they are simple and functional.  Part of the origin story for he company is that they founders were tired of overpaying for complicated overengineered razors.  Razors do not need to fancy, they just need to take hair off your face.

What I dislike about brands like Gillette is that I always ended up having to throw their expensive razors in the trash because I couldn’t buy replacement blades.

When I used to buy Gillette products I would run out of blades and, when I went to the store to buy replacement blades, get confused and overwhelmed.  I couldn’t remember if I had bought a Fusion5, Mach3, G5, Pro Glide Shield, Sensor3, etc. And honestly, I didn’t want to be so emotionally involved with a brand that I knew exactly what model I owned.

It was always easier to just buy a new, and expensive, Gillette razor than try to guess which replacement blades fit the razor I had at home.

Because Harry’s Razors are simple and not over-designed, there is only a single choice for replacement blades.  I know that when I need new blades, any package of Blades from Harry’s will fit the razor I now own.

Costco Value

The regular price for the Harry’s Razor set at Costco is $24.99.

You can but the Truman handle with one cartridge for $9 directly from Harry’s Razor.  The least expensive way to buy blades from Harry’s is to buy a 16 pack at a price of $1.88 per blade.

This means that if you could buy the set sold at Costco directly from Harry’s Razor (which you can’t) then the cheapest it would cost would be:

  • $9 for the Truman handle
  • $22.56 for the blades (12 x $1.88) 
  • Total Cost $31.56

By purchasing the razor set from Costco you save $6.57 or about 26%.

Costco Price of Harrys Razors

Of course, when the razor set goes on sale for $19.99 you end up saving about 57% over retail and that is too great of a bargain to pass up!


Good morning and welcome to the site dedicated to helping you find great products at Costco and other stores! My name is David Somerville and these are hands on reviews of products that I have bought and used or am seriously considering purchasing. I do most of my shopping at the Costco in Baton Rouge, Louisiana but will check out any other Costco warehouses I find while travelling. Please get in touch with any questions and let me know of any great products that deserved to be featured in this blog!

One thought on “I Really Like the Harrys Razors with the Truman Handle from Costco!

  1. Harrys Truman Handle +13 Cartridges Review:
    I have been using Gillett Razors and handles for over 40 years with no issues. After reading many great reviews about Harry’s Razors and price point, I decided to give their product a try and have totally regret that decision since. Purchased Harrys Truman Handle +13 Cartridges from Costco. Was very impressed with the Handle/Cartridges packaging but that is where it ended. When I try to removed the Razor Handle (orange) with a covered Cartridge attached from the box the blade simple separated from Handle, I pressed the plastic cover blade back onto the handle and try to remove the plastic cover, I could not do this without it separating from handle, could not shave without it separating, could not place in my razor holder on sink without it separating. I try a several different Cartridge’s from the 13 in the package only to find the same results. So, in other words the Razors / Handle are completely useless. Can’t comment on Harrys Blades Quality do to poorly designed of handle making it impossible to shave. Complete waste of money, would not recommend to anyone!

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