A Pricing Guide for Filet Mignon at Costco (Multiple Options)

The price of Filet Mignon at Costco currently ranges from $19.49 to $25.99 per pound with package sizes ranging from 1.8 pounds up to 6 pounds.

Variations in price are based upon the size of the steaks, amount of trimming and grade of beef.

This guide will help you understand how much you are going to spend on Filet Mignon steaks at Costco.  We will also cover the different types of filets you will discover so you can pick the one that is right for you!

Seared Beef Tenderloin Steak from Costco

Understanding the Steak Options

Everything covered in this guide originates from the cut of beef known as the Tenderloin.  Think of the tenderloin as a long, tapered cylinder of meat that is thick on one end and thin on the other.

There are a lot of different names for the steaks that come from this cut and it can be a bit confusing…but don’t worry…I am going to make it simple.

In general Costco sells:

  • The Whole Tenderloin in a large package
  • Steaks cut from the THIN END of the Tenderloin
  • Steaks cut from the THICK END of the Tenderloin

Let’s dive in and look at each option.

Filet Mignon Pricing

Filet Mignon are steaks that are cut from the THIN END of the tenderloin.

Filet Mignon are the smallest steaks to come off the tenderloin. The word “Mignon” translates from French as “Small and Pretty” which is an accurate description of these steaks.

Costco is selling these Filet Mignon steaks for $19.49 per pound.  The steaks are typically sold in packages that weigh just under two pounds so expect to spend around $40 per package.

Price of Filet Mignon at Costco

Tenderloin Steak Pricing

The Tenderloin Steaks are cut from the THICK END of the tenderloin.

The Tenderloin steaks are about 30% larger than the Filet Mignon but have the exact same taste and texture.

Costco is selling the Tenderloin Steaks for $23.49 per pound.  The steaks come in a package that weighs a little over two pounds so expect to spend around $60 for these steaks.

The Tenderloin Steaks cost more than the Filet Mignon simply because of their size which offer your guests a larger serving.

Here is a link to my post for How to Cook these Tenderloin Steaks.

Price of Tenderloin Steaks at Costco

Whole Tenderloin Pricing

Costco also sells the whole tenderloin and the pricing is non-intuitive.  Typically the expectation is that you can buy a whole roast and cut your own steaks to save some money.  However this is not the case at Costco.

The whole tenderloin is USDA Grade Choice which is actually a lower grade than the individual steaks which are usually USDA Grade Prime.

Despite being a lower grade and not fully butchered the whole tenderloin is actually the most expensive option at $25.99 per pound.  The package typically weighs a little over five pounds so expect to pay in the $150 range for one of these.

I believe that what is driving the pricing is the scarcity of this type of tenderloin.  These tenderloins are “Peeled Extreme” which means all of the fat, silverskin and tough little bits have been removed.  The degree of trimming is something that you will not find at most grocery stores and makes this roast perfect for making Beef Wellington.

If what you want are great steaks then it is best to skip the roast and stick with the pre-cut Filet Mignon and Tenderloins.

Price of Extreme Peeled Tenderloin at Costco

Variations in Grade and Pricing

Costco tries to keep constant pricing and one of they ways they accomplish this is that when the price of beef rises they offer lower grades of beef for sale.

That is, when the price of beef is low then Costco will sell packages of Prime Grade beef.  When the price of beef is high then Costco will sell packages of Choice Grade beef.

Fortunately for lovers of Filet Mignon there is actually very little difference in quality between Choice and Prime when it comes to these cuts.

The difference between Choice and Prime is extremely important in steaks like the Ribeye where the marbling can be intense.  However, the Tenderloin is a naturally lean cut of beef so you are not going to notice much of a difference in marbling between the two grades.


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