Xtreme Almonds from Blue Diamond {How Hot are They?}

I spotted the Xtreme Almonds from Blue Diamond the other day and had to buy the set.  I am a sucker for all things almonds and love spicy foods so this looked like a snacking combination custom made for me!  It would have been rude of me to turn down this tasty opportunity 🙂

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • How Hot are Xtreme Almonds
  • Do the Xtreme Almonds Taste Good
  • Are the Xtreme Almonds Healthy

Blue Diamond Xtreme Almonds

How Hot are Blue Diamond Extreme Almonds?

Blue Diamond offers three heat levels of Xtreme Almonds:

  • Cayenne Pepper: “Hot”
  • Ghost Pepper: “Hotter”
  • Carolina Reaper: “Hottest”

Before I answer he question of how hot are these things I should give you my background with spicy foods since we all experience them differently.

I am the type of person who always puts hot sauce on breakfast.  Give me a bottle of Cholula and an Eggwich from Red’s and I am a happy man.   That being said, cayenne pepper based sauces are just about all I ever buy.  I am not a hard core pepper head and I do NOT enjoy insanely hot foods just for the experience of suffering.

So, how hot are these almonds?  On my heat level scale of 1-10 I place these almonds at about a 5.

Hot Almonds have Fun Packaging

I give all three flavors of almonds the same “5” heat level rating because, for me at least, there really isn’t that much difference between them.

Blue Diamond has some good marketing going on with the packaging showing the different heat levels but the difference is so minimal to me to not be worth assigning any values.

So what exactly does a “5 out of 10” heat level mean?

Well, I started by eating a single almond and thinking, “Yeah, okay there is a some heat there.”  Then I grabbed a handful of almonds, tossed them back and decided, “Yeah, these things have some kick to them.”

I guess the important part of that strange narrative is that I did not hesitate to pop a handful of these in my mouth despite the fact that I do not enjoy torching my mouth with stupid heat.

Do the Xtreme Almonds Taste Good?

Heat level is one thing but the bigger question is, “Do the almonds taste good?”

I like the Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds that I get at Costco more than these spicy almonds but I am still a fan of these nuts.

While the heat level seems pretty similar for all three varieties there are some notable flavor differences.  All three varieties are seasoned with various seasonings (onion powder, sugar, paprika, etc) that make flavor package more complex and interesting than “just heat”.

And, of course, all of those seasonings are sitting on top of a pile of roasted almonds and those are always delicious!

The Bottom Line: I am glad I have these almonds in my pantry and enjoy putting them out as part of a Game Day snack selection (especially because they are perfect with an ice cold beer!)

Three Types of Xtreme Almonds from Blue Diamond

Are Blue Diamond’s Xtreme Almonds Healthy?

A single serving of these almonds is one ounce (about 28 nuts) and has the following calories and nutritional information.

  • Calories: 170
  • Fat: 15g (20% DV)
  • Cholesterol: omg (0 DV)
  • Sodium: 140mg (6% DV)
  • Carbohydrates: 5g (2% DV)
  • Protein: 6g

I definitely consider these almonds to be a healthy snack.  They are high in protein and low in sodium.  The fat content is elevated but I am not concerned as almost all of that comes from the healthy fats that naturally come from tree nuts.

The only point I would caution you on is to realize that the almonds are calorie dense so don’t eat the whole can!

The almonds are Non-GMO and Keto Friendly.

According to the Blue Diamond website the Xtreme Almonds are not made with any ingredients containing gluten but I do not see any indication that the nuts are Gluten Free Certified.

Xtreme Almond Nutrition


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