[SALTY] Costco Vegetable Yakisoba Noodles

The noodles are easy to prepare and are highly satisfying...but they aren't healthy.

What Are Vegetable Yakisoba Noodles?

The Costco Yakisoba Noodles from Ajinomoto feature a pleasing medley of vegetables, stir fried Japanese style noodles and a tasty sauce.  


– Calories: 410 – Fat: 10g (13% DV) – Cholesterol: 00mg (0% DV) – Sodium: 1160mg (50% DV) – Carbohydrates: 69g (25% DV) – Protein: 11g

Keep in Mind

The calories and carbohydrates are pretty high for this meal but pale in comparison to the massive sodium content.  These noodles might be vegetarian but they aren't healthy.


These noodles have a long ingredient list because of all the vegetables. It's too long to list here but I have the full list on my website.

How to Cook the Yakisoba

1. Tear a two inch slit in the top of the package. 2. Microwave on High for three minutes. 3. Empty into a bowl 4. Serve

How Do They Taste?

The noodles are tender, savory and delicious. I was impressed with the variety of vegetables and the fact that most of them were still crisp.

Try This at Costco Too!

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