[REVIEW] Ito En Unsweetened Green Tea at Costco

The “Oi Ocha” product name translates as “Tea, Please!”

About the Green Tea

The unsweetened tea is brewed with authentic Japanese tea leaves and contains naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine as well as an added shot of Vitamin C.


One 500 mL bottle is a single serving.  The nutritional facts for a single serving are: – Calories: 5 – Carbohydrates: 1g (1% DV) – Sodium: 75mg (3% CV)


The tea contains: – Purified Water – Green tea – Vitamin C That's all! Amazing isn't it?

How Does It Taste?

The flavor is clean but earthy and pungent.  This tea does not have the sharp, crisp and bitter taste that you get from a fully oxidized black tea like Lipton’s.

Customer Reviews

– There are over 8,900 reviews which indicate that the drink is highly popular. – 94% of customers loved the tea and provided 5 of 4 Star reviews.

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