Kirkland Signature Wild Caught Mahi Mahi at Costco

The filets are boneless, skinless and individually vacuum packed.

Nutrition Facts

You get three pounds of individual filets per bag.  One serving is a four ounce portion of fish and there are about 12 servings in the bag.


– Calories: 100 – Fat: 1g (1% DV) – Cholesterol: 80mg (27% DV) – Sodium: 100mg (4% DV) – Carbohydrates: 0g (0% DV) – Protein: 21g

How to Cook Mahi Mahi

Mahi mahi is a versatile fish that can be cooked several ways (grilled, baked, poached, air fryer). Do not cook the fish from a frozen state.

My Favorite Way to Cook Them

I like to season both sides with a little salt and pepper and then gently poach the fish in Rao’s marinara with a closed lid for about 5-7 minutes.

What Does it Taste Like?

Mahi mahi is a whitefish with a very mild fish flavor.  It does not have the oily, fatty texture of salmon.

Pro Tip

The mild flavor makes mahi mahi a great choice for people who “don’t like fish”.  The firm, meaty texture makes mahi mahi great for making tacos or sandwiches.

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