[GREAT] Costco Turkey Breast

The last time I was at Costco, I decided to take a chance on the Turkey Breast. Stick with me and we will cover the pros and cons of this roast

How Much Does It Cost?

This breast costs $4.59 per pound and comes in different sizes.  The one I bought weighed 2.37 pounds and cost $10.88.

How To Serve

It is fully cooked and ready to eat. Slice the meat Left to Right, the “short way”, for sandwiches and Top to Bottom, the “long way”, when you want to serve slices as an entrée.

How Does It Taste?

This roast is slightly salty but otherwise unseasoned. I use it on my Mediterranean Salads or dice it up for an omelet.

Sliced Turkey Breast Options at Costco

- Herb Roasted Turkey Breast from Columbus for $8.79 per pound -organic turkey from Dietz & Watson for $8.87 per pound

The Third Option

The third option is the three pack of Kirkland Signature Oven Roasted Sliced Turkey Breast that is currently selling for $4.56 per pound.

Try This Too!

While you're at Costco, take a look at their – Mediterranean Salad Kit from Josie's Organic. I love this salad and it perfect with Costco turkey breast sliced on top!