[FUN!] Costco Tiramisu Cups From Dessert Italiano

The tiramisu cups at Costco are a delightful dessert that are a delicious bargain.

About The Tiramisu

The tiramisu cups at Costco, from Dessert Italiano, are a delightful dessert featuring coffee soaked sponge cake, sweet marsala wine, creamy mascarpone cream and cocoa powder.


– Calories: 210 – Fat: 7g (9% DV) – Cholesterol: 30mg (10% DV) – Sodium: 55mg (2% DV) – Carbohydrates: 32g (12% DV) – Protein: 4g


– Glucose syrup – Reconstituted skim milk – Water – Mascarpone cheese – Sponge cake – Skim milk powder – Sugar – Coconut oil – Egg yolk – Marsala wine – Cocoa powder -and more

How Do They Taste?

The folks at Dessert Italiano did a great job of balancing out all of the different flavors happening in these little cups.

Reusable Glass Cups

One of the things people love about these deserts is that the glass cups they come in can be recycled and put to use in creative fashions.

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