Costco's Don Lee Farms Crispy Chicken Tacos

I spotted a box of Don Lee Farms Crispy Shredded Chicken Tacos in the freezer section of Costco and decided to give them a try.

How to Cook the Frozen Chicken Tacos

You can cook these in the air fryer, over or stovetop. We went with the air fryer.

Are the Chicken Tacos Good?

Honestly, these tacos had way more cheese than I expected for "chicken" tacos and they weren't all that crispy either.

Better Crispy Tacos

If you want some delicious crispy tacos, you HAVE to try the mini tacos from Don Miguel. They are fantastic...but they aren't gluten free.

Let's Talk About Calories

Two tacos are a serving and there are 260 calories and 12g of fat in that serving.

Price of Don Lee Farms Chicken Tacos

I bought the 16 pack of frozen Don Lee Farms tacos for $13.99 which works out to a cost of $0.87 per taco.

Try This at Costco Too!

For some gluten free deliciousness, you HAVE to try  – Sabatasso’s Gluten Free Cheese Pizza at Costco. It's amazing.