Costco Egg Prices are Getting Crazy. Why?

If you have been to Costco lately, you know that the egg prices are sky high but why? Let's investigate.

Current Egg Prices

2 Dozen Cage Free Grade A Eggs = $6.49 2 Dozen Organic Grade AA Eggs = $7.59 5 Dozen Grade AA Eggs = $15.99 7.5 Dozen Grade A Eggs = $23.99

Why Are Egg Prices High?

There are has been an egg shortage for a while now and prices are volatile.  Some shoppers are getting very upset!

What Should You Do?

Here is my plan. Since I'm not in the mood to build my own chicken coop and raise laying hens, I'm just going to cut back on eggs for now.

Egg Prices at Walmart

I was curious how Costco egg prices compared to Walmart egg prices right now. It turns out that the price at Costco still beats Walmart in my area.

Remember This

The prices will eventually level out. They always do. Also, keep in mind that most laying hens don't lay as much in the winter. It's natural.

Don't Miss This

I have full details on Cage Free, Organic and Free Range Eggs. Plus, there are currently limits on how many eggs members can purchase. I'll fill you in!