Trader Joe’s Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower {Whoop, There it Is!}

Trader Joe's Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower Review
Trader Joe's Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower

Product Name: Trader Joe's Mexican Style Spicy Riced Cauliflower

Product Description: One pound of frozen riced cauliflower seasoned with tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos.

Brand: Trader Joe's

Offer price: 3.29

Currency: USD

  • Flavor
  • Spicy
  • Healthy


Trader Joe’s Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower is delicious and boldly spicy.  This is a wonderful low carb, low calorie dish that can be turned into a filling meal when you add your protein of choice.







Wonky Cooking Instructions

I brought home a bag of Trader Joe’s Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower on my latest shopping trip.  The rice is seasoned with tomatoes, bell peppers (red, yellow, green) and pickled jalapenos.

I was absolutely delighted with the mix and have put it on my list of my favorite items from Trader Joe’s!

Keep reading to see if this stir fry is right for you and your family.

Trader Joe's Spicy Mexican Style Riced Cauliflower

Mexican Riced Cauliflower Stir Fry Nutrition and Ingredients

Let’s take a closer look at what you get with this stir fry mix.

Nutrition Facts

You get 16 ounce of product per package.  One cup (115 g) is considered a single serving and there are about 4 servings per bag.

The nutritional facts for a single serving are:

  • Calories: 50
  • Fat: 2.5g (3% DV)
  • Cholesterol: 0mg (0% DV)
  • Sodium: 330mg (13% DV)
  • Carbohydrates: 5g (2% DV)
  • Protein: 2g

Of the 5 grams of carbohydrates 1 of them are dietary fiber which leaves you with 4 net grams of carbs per serving.

Mexican Cauliflower Rice Nutrition

Ingredient List

The Mexican style cauliflower rice has the following ingredients:

  • Cauliflower
  • Tomatoes
  • Bell peppers (Red, Yellow, Green)
  • Water
  • Pickled jalapenos
  • Cilantro
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • Lime juice
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Cumin
  • Garlic

The product is labeled as Vegan.

How to Cook the Stir Fry

Please, do NOT follow the cooking instructions that are printed on the package.

The package instructs you to heat two tablespoons of olive oil in a non-stick, add the contents of the bag and cook for 8-10 minutes until heated through.

These instructions are nearly identical for the Tattooed Chef Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry at Costco  and is simply insane.

Using two tablespoons of olive oil will increase the calorie count by 220%, from 200 to 440.  Using this much oil is completely unnecessary!

Cooking Instructions for Spicy Mexican Riced Cauliflower

I cook the Mexican style rice by:

  • Lightly spray a wok with Pam and place over Medium High Heat
  • Add as much of the product content as I want (usually 1/2 of the bag)
  • Cook over medium heat stirring/tossing often for 5 minutes
  • Add 3-4 ounces of cooked protein (chicken or shrimp)
  • Cook another 3-4 minutes until everything is hot and warmed through.

How Does The Mexican Style Cauliflower Taste?

I topped the rice with a a handful of Trader Joe’s Just Chicken breast meat slices had a wonderful lunch.  This was a delicious feast that was high in protein and low in calories and carbs.

The first time I made this I grabbed a bottle of Trader Joe’s Green Dragon Sauce to add some heat to the mix but quickly realized that this was not needed.  This Mexican style cauliflower rice actually is spicy and packs a punch!

I know that it says “spicy” on the packaging but this is meaningless for a Trader Joe’s product.  Trader Joe’s is famous for names/labels/packaging that promise spicy heat but never deliver (I am looking at you, Ghost Pepper Chips!) but this cauliflower rice is a clear exception.

Between the bell peppers, cilantro, lime and cumin this cauliflower is simply packed with flavor while the pickled jalapenos and cayenne pepper bring real heat to the party.

I like cauliflower but a lot of times when I am eating a cauliflower rice based meal I get overwhelmed and exhausted by the cauliflower flavor.  This was not the case with this rice as I was nearly licking the bowl but the time I was finished.

Ready to Eat Spicy Mexican Cauliflower Rice

I bought this cauliflower rice blend because I was looking for healthy meals but I would buy this in a heartbeat even if I wasn’t trying to be health conscious!

This is absolutely a product that is worth a special trip to Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s Value

I bought the one pound bag of Mexican cauliflower stir fry at Trader Joe’s for $3.29.

You can get the much larger bag of the Tattooed Chef Cauliflower Rice Stir Fry at Costco at a cost of $3.16 per pound.

While you won’t be saving any money by buying this product at Trader Joe’s the price is certainly on par with Costco which means you are getting a solid value without having to purchase the product in bulk.

Price of Mexican Cauliflower Rice at Trader Joes


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