Costco Wreaths for Christmas {Red Berry and Pre-Lit Greenery!}

Costco is selling two types of Christmas wreaths at the Baton Rouge warehouse and I think they look lovely.  The two wreaths are:

  • 32 Inch Greenery Wreath with Lights
  • 28 Inch Berry Wreath

Let’s take a closer look at these festive arrangements so you can decide if they would be nice additions to your Christmas decorations!

32 Inch Pre-Lit Greenery Artificial Wreath

The first wreath I spotted was the 32 inch wreath with artificial greenery and 50 LED lights.

The greenery wreath is designed to look like it contains a mix of scotch pine, noble fir and cedar and contains preserved pinecones and faux boxwood sprays.

The wreath comes with 50 LED lights that can be set to either “white” or “multi-color” and are powered by three “D” batteries which you will need to provide. The lights have a timer that turns them on for 6 hours and off for 18.  You get three replacement bulbs with the wreath.

The wreath weighs just under six pounds and is rated for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Costco Greenery Wreath

Customer Reviews for the 32 inch Wreath

There are over 400 reviews for this wreath on Costco’s website and, when you combine the 5 and 4 Star reviews it looks like 92% of all customers really like the product.

I started reading through the negative reviews to see what people didn’t like about the wreath and got really confused.  The biggest complaints were that:

  • The wreath wasn’t bright enough as it only had about 20 lights.
  • You had to plug the wreath in because it didn’t use batteries.

These criticisms didn’t make sense to me because the wreath has 50 lights and does use batteries.  I looked a little closer and realized that the negative reviews were made in 2021 and not in 2022.

So, it looks like that Costco read last year’s complaints and worked with the vendor to deliver an improved and upgraded product for 2022.  Way to go, Costco!

Customer Reviews for Costcos Greenery Wreath

28 Inch Berry Wreath

I really like the simplistic elegance of the 28 inch red berry wreath.  The wreath is made from natural vines and is decorated with an assortment of artificial berries in various shades of red.

This is a lovely wreath that is very Christmassy but would be equally appropriate as part of your fall decorations.  The wreath is not pre-lit but you can add your own accents and stylings to make it even more festive.

The 28 inch berry wreath weighs about 6 pounds and is suitable for indoor or covered outdoor use.

Costco Berry Wreath

Customer Reviews for the 28 inch Berry Wreath

There were only about 40 reviews on the Costco website for this wreath and that simply is not very much data to work with.

The common theme I read on the few negative reviews was that, while the wreath looks lovely from a distance, once you get up close you can really tell that the berries are fake.

Personally, I think that if my guests are spending their time trying to figure out if my wreaths are real or fake then I am probably being a really boring host.

Customer Reviews for Costcos Berry Wreath

How Much Do Wreaths Cost at Costco?

Both the 32 inch Greenery Wreath and the 28 inch Berry wreath cost $59.99.

I checked the Home Depot website and found a 36 inch pre-lit greenery wreath for $59 that looked extremely similar to the smaller one being sold at Costco.

So, it looks like the artificial wreaths at Costco are fairly priced but are not screaming bargains.

Price of Costco Christmas Wreath

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