Happy Shrimp Chips at Costco Review {Fun Snack with Mild Flavors}

Have you tried the Shrimp Chips at Costco yet? I got some of these chips as a free sample from the lovely ladies and they were nothing like I expected.

These chips are one of the most unique snacks I have found in the store but are not always in stock.

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • What do the Shrimp Chips Taste Like?
  • Are Shrimp Chips Healthy?
  • Customer Reviews of the Shrimp Chips
  • How Much do Shrimp Chips Cost at Costco?

Bag of Shrimp Chips at Costco

Are Shrimp Chips Healthy?

I think these chips are relatively healthy compared to other processed snack foods.

A single serving of these chips have the following nutritional information:

  • Calories: 160
  • Fat: 9g (12% DV)
  • Cholesterol: omg
  • Sodium: 280mg (12% DV)
  • Carbohydrates: 20g (7% DV)
  • Protein: <1g

The chips have no cholesterol and are low in both fat and sodium.  What is even better is that a single serving is about 40 chips which is a LOT of snacking!

The chips do have 20g of carbs and contain added sugars so I don’t believe they would be considered Keto Friendly.

Shrimp Chip Nutrition

What do the Shrimp Chips Taste Like?

I was nervous to try these chips since they are made of 13.5% shrimp and I imagined they would taste like intense, concentrated seafood.  It turns out that I was completely wrong.

The chips are light and fluffy and at first glance reminded me of Styrofoam packing peanuts.

There is almost no shrimp flavor in the chips.  Instead, what I taste is the savory flavors from the garlic, onion, parsley and rosemary combined with a touch of sweetness from the sugar.

The chips are light, fluffy, crunchy and savory with just the mildest amount of shrimp flavor that you could imagine.  The chips are not anything close to what I imagined and are a pretty tasty snack!

Free Sample of Shrimp Chips

Customer Reviews of the Happy Shrimp Chips

I was curious what other people thought about these chips so I pulled up the customer reviews from Costco’s website.

There were almost 1,000 reviews for these chips and most people seemed to like them a lot!

When you combine the 5 and 4 Star reviews these chips have a 90% customer satisfaction rating.

Some of the negative comments about these chips included the following:

  • I thought there would be a little shrimp and garlic taste but not even a hint! And with only 3% sugar I was not expecting them to be desert! They are so sweet that I couldn’t eat them!!! I had others try them also and they all said they couldn’t believe that they were made with shrimp and the only thing that they could taste was sugar! 
  • I expected a shrimp garlic flavor. At first I tasted nothing. The chip is very airy and really has very little flavor at all.
  • This product has no ‘shrimp’ flavor and no taste. Just a bunch of airy, fried chips that have a greasy aftertaste.

The negative comments were consistent with my experience in that there is little shrimp flavor in these chips.  That can be a good thing or a bad thing based on your preferences.

Customer Reviews of Shrimp Chips

How Much Do Shrimp Chips Cost at Costco?

My Costco has these chips for sale at $8.49 for a 16 ounce bag which works out to a cost of $0.531 per ounce.

This is the price for the chips made by the Sokusa brand and I believe that these can only be bought through Costco or at a massively inflated price through Amazon.

Price of Shrimp Chips at Costco

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