Costco Nutcracker {Life Size, 6 FT Soldier with Music}

It’s that time of year when Costco starts selling their giant six foot tall Nutcracker Christmas display.  Of course they started selling these in August which, considering that we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to work through, seems a bit odd but what do I know?

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • Key Features of the Six Foot Nutcracker
  • Customer Reviews of the Costco Nutcracker
  • Sales Price and Options

Six Foot Nutcracker at Costco

Key Features of the Six Foot Nutcracker

This fine soldier is much more than a pretty face as it is well lit and musically inclined!

The soldier come programmed with and rotates between eight different Christmas songs including:

  • O Christmas tree
  • Jingle Bells
  • Joy to the World
  • Silent Night
  • Deck the Halls
  • The First Noel
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

The volume on the music is fully adjustable.

Additionally, the unit is lit with 25 LED lights for extra color and festivity.

The nutcracker weighs 55 pounds and is rated for indoor AND outdoor use.  It is worth noting that while the website says this display is rated for outdoor use the in-store signage suggests the outdoor use should be restricted to a covered porch.

Nutcracker Plays Eight Songs

Customer Reviews of the Costco Nutcracker

There were only 70 reviews for the nutcracker on Costco’s website but they were pretty consistent in terms of what folks liked and didn’t like.

When you combine the 5 and 4 Star reviews the nutcracker has a 90% Customer Satisfaction rating which I think is pretty good.

In general people thinks the nutcracker looks great and is a wonderful part of their Christmas display.

The few negative reviews mentioned things like:

  • Poor sound quality.
  • Easily blown over in outdoor use.
  • LED lighting insufficient for nighttime display.

Overall everything seems pretty positive.  The one negative review that I feel is worth noting is that if you buy two of these units then there is no way to synchronize the music coming from each of them.

Nutcracker Reviews

Nutcracker Pricing and Options

My local warehouse has the six foot nutcracker for sale at a cost of $399.  This is the same price that Costco has had on the units since 2019 so I would consider this to be a bargain.

Price of Six Foot Nutcracker at Costco

It wasn’t until I got home and started researching this article that I realized there were a couple of other nutcracker options you might want to explore.

The first option is the nutcracker which a darker skin tone that Costco is selling as a Multi-Cultural nutcracker.  I checked out all of the specifications online for both units and it appears that the ONLY differences are the color of the face, eyes and hair.

Multicultural Nutcracker

I also discovered that Costco offers an eight foot tall version of the blue eyed nutcracker.  The taller unit is not available in my local warehouse but is listed online on the Costco website.

The taller nutcracker plays the same list of Christmas songs but comes with a different uniform.

These appear to be solidly built Christmas displays that can bring an extra level of festivity to your house.  My biggest concern about the unit is the thought of lugging this beast into and out of my attic between holiday seasons!

3 thoughts on “Costco Nutcracker {Life Size, 6 FT Soldier with Music}

  1. So first thing is the price was 299.99$ in previous years so yes the price this year is 399.99 which is a 100$ more compared to last year (same model) at 299.99$. Still worth the price as it is exceptional quality. Another thing to note is the only way to synchronize the music is by having them both plugged in to one electrical cord and to turn it off and on at the same time, if you have them in two different electrical sources or plug them in at different times they won’t be synchronized. Another one of the biggest complaints is no on or off button. Hope this helps. Merry Christmas

  2. This is not a true nutcracker. People who collect nutcrackers (like me) can point out two MAJOR issues in calling this decoration a nutcracker. 1) the mouth and 2) no lever in the back. It does not have to been operational but it should at least APPEAR to be a nutcracker. Do some research on what nutcrackers look like and refuse to purchase this item at the price they are selling it as.

    1. Vivian – the only nuts a nutcracker that size would be cracking would be DEEZ NUTS!!!! No one is expecting it to be an actual nutcracker. These are just for decoration and no one will be turning them around looking for the lever. Geeeeeeeeeez.

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