Rio Swinging Hammock Chair at Costco {Is it Comfortable?}

The Swinging Hammock Chair at Costco, manufactured by RIO is an interesting product that I almost purchased but decided against.  But hey, just because I didn’t like the chair doesn’t mean that you won’t love it.

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • Key Features of the Swinging Hammock Chair
  • Customer Reviews
  • Is the Swinging Hammock Chair a Costco Value?


Rio Gear Swinging Hammock Chair at Costco

Key Features of the Swinging Hammock Chair

The RIO Swinging Hammock Chair is made of thick fabric wrapped around a sturdy tubular frame.  The chair has a sling like mount from the arm rests to he chair legs that allows the seat of the chair to swing back and forth like a reclining rocking chair.

The chair has a built in water bottle holder on the right side of the frame as well as a built in head rest.

The chair weighs about ten pounds and collapses for easy carrying.

Setting up the chair is relatively simple but does require that you insert the leg pins to prevent it from folding up on you when you sit in it.

The chair will seat one person and has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Swinging Hammock Chair Does Not Have Arm Rest


Customer Reviews of the Swinging Hammock Chair

I was at Costco looking for some extra outdoor seating and had to decide between these swinging hammock chairs and the Timber Ridge Director Chairs.  I decided to buy the Director Chairs because they had a full working side table and I thought they were more comfortable.

When I looked at the customer reviews for this chair on Costco’s website I saw that several people had the same feelings that I did.

The chair has over 2,700 reviews with 85% of the reviews being either 5 or 4 Stars.  While an 85% customer satisfaction rating is okay it does indicate that the product has room for improvement.

The biggest issue that people had with the chair was that they did not think it was comfortable.  A sampling of representative comments are given below.

  • This chair looks attractive in the photo but as soon as I reclined in it, I found it uncomfortable. The forward edge of the seat digs into the back of my thighs above the knee.
  • The chair concept seemed great but it is just not comfy at all. It’s too high off the ground to be a great chair for just regular sitting, but it is also at an awkward height (not high enough) to be more of a hammock.
  • Unfortunately neither my 6’4” husband or myself 5’2” found it comfortable. It is well made and great fabric but just not relaxing to sit in at all.

I strongly suggest that you sit in one of these before you make the purchase as whether or not it will be comfortable for you is one of those things you can only figure out by actually sitting in it.

A secondary issue that people had is that when you recline in the chair there is nowhere to put your feet so your legs are just dangling in the air.  Some people ended up using their coolers as a foot rest and that solved the dangling leg problem.  I think a better solution would be to skip this chair and get a Zero Gravity Lounger instead.


Customer Reviews of Rio Swinging Hammock Chair

Is the Chair a Costco Bargain?

You can buy one of these chairs at Costco for $49.99 which is a pretty decent price for a sturdy, portable outdoor seating option.

You can buy an equivalent RIO brand swing chair from Lowes for about $70 which makes the one at Costco look like an even better bargain.

From a price standpoint this chair is a nice bargain but make sure you try it out first because you wont be saving any money if it is too uncomfortable for you to use.

Cost of Hammock Chair at Costco

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  1. I’ve used these a couple times and largely agree with your thoughts. I did ultimately find a comfy spot for my 6’2″ frame — feet up on a nearby rock (a little lower than my ice chest). I found my happy spot and got the rest I needed.

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