Costco Christmas Trees {Pre-Lit with NO FLUFFING Required}

I am slowly starting to accept that Costco is selling Christmas decorations in September before we even get to Halloween and Thanksgiving.  One of the things that I have learned is that a lot of folks are making heir Christmas décor multi-seasonal and these pre-lit Christmas Trees are a case in point.

I jumped on Facebook to learn more about the Costco Christmas trees and discovered that people are buying them now to use as “Fall Trees” as well as “Nightmare Before Christmas” Halloween decorations.  Huh…

Keep reading and we will cover:

  • Key Features of the Costco Christmas Trees
  • Customer Reviews
  • Availability and Pricing

Pre Lit Christmas Trees at Costco

Key Features of the Costco Christmas Trees

My Costco has two sizes of tree available, 7.5 foot and 12 foot and, other than size, the trees are identical in function.

The trees are pre-lit with LED lights that are highly adjustable.  The lights have five color settings including:

  • Clear/White
  • Multi-Color
  • Clear/White Fading
  • Multi-Color Fading 
  • Clear/Multi-Color Combo

Additionally the lights are adjustable between 13 levels of brightness with the included remote or cord mounted controller.

Multiple Light Schemes Available

The Trees feature EZ Connect construction which makes them extremely simple to assemble and minimizes the headache of trying to coordinate wires, etc.  These trees are really easy to take out of the box and you can have them completely assembled and lit in about 15 minutes (check out the video below to see how easy).

Christmas Tree Comes with Remote Control

One of the things that I saw on the Facebook groups is that people LOVE that these trees spring into shape and do not require fluffing to make them look normal.

I can imagine that one of these trees would look amazing when paired with Costco’s life sized Nutcracker!

Costco Customer Reviews

I pulled up the customer reviews for these Christmas trees from Costco’s website to see what other folks did and did not like about them.

There were over 1,100 reviews which I consider to be a pretty strong data set.

When you combine the 5 and 4 Star ratings you find that the Christmas trees have a 92% Customer Satisfaction rate which is pretty impressive.

People loved the ease of assembly, how great the trees looked and that the trees are essentially ready to decorate once assembled as they do not require fluffing.

There were very few negative reviews.  Of the few negative reviews some people:

  • Received damaged trees
  • Thought the trees looked fake
  • Didn’t like the lights

My advice is, if you are uncertain about whether or not to buy one of these trees, is to head down to the warehouse and see them in person before trying to order them online.

Customer Reviews of the 7 ft Christmas Tree at Costco

Costco Pricing and Availability for Christmas Trees

My store has the 7.5 and 12 foot trees in stock with the following prices:

  • 7.5 ft = $499
  • 12 ft = $1149

If you shop the Costco website you can also find trees that range in height from 4.5 ft to 15 ft and price from $140 to $1,800.

I read two schools of thought on buying these trees with some people saying that you can get a great bargain if you wait to buy them after Christmas.  On the flip side, other folks were saying that these are such a great buy, and have been put on display so early, that Costco will be sold out well before Christmas gets here.

Price of 7 ft Christmas Tree at Costco

What everyone agrees on is that you absolutely want to SAVE THE BOX so you can easily store the tree for use next year.

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